#105: Snip and Suck

It’s our two year anniversary! Sara Keefer and Jay Guerrero join us on the show again to celebrate – and Jay manages to say enough offensive things that I can’t bleep or edit out. Sigh. We talk about New York City reversing measures they set up to protect babies from Mohels with herpes, the REAL reasons that a school district removed their 10 Commandments monument, a Christian pastor is in trouble for spanking women as part of his ministry, Christian parents are suing for the right to biblically spank their foster kids, a student college newspaper rejects creationist ads and is threatened with a lawsuit, a court takes an atheist mother’s children away and forces her to get Christian counseling, a Houston school district tells their bus drivers to pray before every shift, Ben Carson says that Muslims should not be president of the United States, and the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton tries to block a woman from inheriting her wife’s estate.

– Christian Ferris, Jay Guerrero, Sara Keefer, Amanda Stephens.

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  1. Ryan Laureyns says:

    It might just be my computer, but show #501 isn’t loading in iTunes and I can’t play it here either. My other podcasts are working, so I think it might be on your end. 🙁 Looking forward to listening to your two year anniversary show.

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