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#51: Let’s Hit Stephen Hawking

*Apologies for the audio artifacts – Christian is an idiot and we had to pull the audio from the Ustream feed. D: Pat Robertson tells an 80 year old woman not to stop giving...

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#50: Tactical Jesus Squad

Today we discussed lying in church, Christian’s messed up weekend, Pastor insists that not being able to pray with public school students is an effort to turn him into an  atheist, other people mad...

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#49: Kevin Bacon Killed Everyone

Oklahoma City Archbishop sues Satanists to free his magic crackers, Richard Dawkins claims it would be immoral not to abort a fetus with Down Syndrome, the Louisiana Tea Party opposes common core math standards...

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#48: Pillow Pants

Elizabeth Hasselbeck gets all Christian persecution complexy on us, the Navy takes the bible out, they put the bible in, they do the hokey pokey and Andrew Seidel messes everyone up; FFRF FTW.  We...


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