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#85: Pinky & The Brain Terrorists

A California megachurch takes over their local public school board, terrorists attack a Muhammed cartoon contest event in Texas, an Australia boy dies as a result of alternative medical treatment that you just won’t...

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#84: Nom Your Mom

Bill Nye and Barack Obama talk climate change, a local mega church promotes noming your mom, we discuss listener mail, Mecca’s first ‘halal’ sex shop, Catholic school girls are warned about sex and their...

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#83: Andrew Seidel vs. The Forces of Evil

Bill O’Reilly claims that Christians are being ‘verbally’ killed – marking a whole new low for the rampant Christian persecution complex in the United States, Christians in Tennessee are furious after swingers found a...

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#82: Ebola-Thon

We discuss Mike Huckabee and his claims that the United States is a Secular Theocracy (WTF DOES THAT MEAN?!), Atheist Ireland dissociates itself from PZ Myers, a school nurse refuses to treat a student...


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